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The wind farms

EnBW and bp are proud to be leading the development of the Morgan, Mona, and Morven wind farms.

At this very early stage, it is too soon to know the size and number of turbines required. We will develop this through the design process, including consideration of:

  • Offshore infrastructure (including number and type of turbines, offshore substation(s) and cables)

  • Cable landfall location

  • Onshore infrastructure (including substation location)

All of the above will be determined taking account of a number of factors and constraints, and in consultation with regulators.

EnBW and bp will also work closely with local councils, local communities and others to inform the project's design.

If you want to learn more about the consenting process, you can visit the Planning Inspectorate’s website for Morgan and Mona, and Marine Scotland for Morven.

panel A Morgan Mona and Morven