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General news
Friday 28 July 2023

bp and EnBW submit Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) scoping report for Morven wind farm

bp and EnBW have submitted their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) scoping report for the Morven offshore wind farm array project to the Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate. The array project includes wind turbines, associated support structures and foundations, inter-array cables, inter-connector cables, Offshore Substation Platforms (OSPs), associated support structures and foundations. Submission of the EIA scoping report is the next step in delivering this project which is expected to deliver sufficient power to the equivalent of around three million UK homes every year. The report explains how we will go about assessing and understanding any potential impacts the project may have on the environment.

Why it matters?

Scoping ensures:

  • Key environmental and social issues to be addressed are identified at an early stage

  • The Environmental Statement is focused on the key issues

  • Consultation with relevant consultees occurs at an early stage

What’s next?

The report has been submitted to the Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate. The objective of this scoping report is to provide all stakeholders with sufficient information on the proposals specific to the Array Project, to enable meaningful engagement within the pre-application consultation process.

Morven scoping report – PDF