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We know that offshore wind projects can bring significant benefits to local communities.

It is too early to have defined Morgan, Mona, and Morven’s benefits or impacts.

We will be considering the opportunities that may become available and keeping you up to date through this website.

As a project, our behaviour will be open, constructive, collaborative, and solutions-focused.

We will seek to:

  • Listen to our stakeholders, and engage with integrity and respect.

  • Set out our principles openly and transparently, published on our project website.

  • Recognise differences and work together to find mutually acceptable solutions that are reasonable and proportionate to our impact in the local area.

How and when are we consulting stakeholders? (indicative timeline)


Pre-scoping engagement

  • Local authority engagement - Wales and England

  • Community introduction to project - what, where, when,

  • Consultation process - Anglesey, North Wales coast, Wirral/Liverpool, Lancashire coast.


Formal engagement for DCO submission

  • Scoping report published and public information day

  • Scoping opinion received from Planning Inspectorate

  • Publication of Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC)

  • Commence phase 1 community consultation

  • Ongoing engagement with community and stakeholders on refinement of project options

  • Commence phase 2 community consultation

  • Publish preliminary environmental impact report (PEIR) for consultation


DCO submission

  • Formal submission of documents (October 2023)

Public consultation

  • Website

  • Working groups established through local authorities

  • Sector specific fora e.g. maritime engagement forum

  • Managed by ESIA contractor

Fisheries groups

  • Managed by CFLO and NFFO

Ferries and shipping

  • Managed through maritime forum

Government and regulatory engagement

  • National and local government

  • Regulatory agencies

  • Other statutory consultees

Our health, safety, and environmental commitment

We are enabling the world to be a better place by providing renewable energy to decarbonise energy systems.

We care about people — our employees and those that work with us.

We care about the planet we provide clean energy to society, to reduce our impact and to protect and enhance biodiversity and habitats.

We care about the communities in which we work in — to be a force for good, to listen and collaborate with the people in the areas where we work.

To achieve our culture of care we:

  • genuinely care about each other

  • will not compromise our focus on safety

  • encourage and recognise speak up

  • understand how work actually happens

  • learn why mistakes occur and respond supportively

No matter what, we aim to do the right thing and meet our obligations, comply with the law of the countries we operate in, and look to continuously improve.